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Wonderful premiere of "Pitch & Waffles "!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Happy faces in summer heat - just the way Balders wants it!

At 1 pm Sunday's mini cup started where about 15 participants sharpened their horseshoes with jam and cream in their mouths. The competition was just as exciting as a horseshoe competition always becomes, Björn Landberg who apparently had a safe lead saw himself passed by Kristian Jältsäter in the last pitch round with the competition's highest five, 70 points. That was enough to win with 4 points. Congratulations!

“The great thing about horseshoe pitching is that you can save a lot with a single good round. If you are 65 points behind before the last round and put 70, so ....” said K.Jältsäter.

To note is the fine achievement Marx noted with a third place, a beginner with talent! Expect Balders will work hard to tie him to the club.

"Maraton 10an"

Overjoyed with his victory, Kristian forgot to throw himself into the "marathon 10an" unfortunately, today's second form of competition where the best ten throws in a row apply. Once again, Landberg had secured the lead with 70 points before Letter pulled in 88 before the coffee shop closed. Do not forget that it is possible to improve their result all autumn, the winner will be crowned 20 dec!

Best result right now, top 5:

  1. P. Letter 88p

  2. B.Landberg 70p

  3. Marx 44p

  4. Johnny 43p

  5. L.Eriksson 36p

Letter offers consolation prize for the cup's second place - a Royal De luxe sandwich (french Salami with walnut and cornichons))

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