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What a fantastic Sthlm´s weekend it was!

The Sthlm`s weekend is when Roslagen Open in Norrtälje and Vaxholm Open in Vaxholm organize horseshoe competitions once a year.

Roslagen Open 2022 at Veteran Tractor Day, Färsna Gård
Roslagen Open 2022

This year it was the Roslagen Open that was first out on Saturday. The competition is arranged as usual at magical Färsna gård with lots of charm and love! New for this year was that the competition took place in connection with the Veteran Tractor Day in Färsna, a day filled with activities, exhibitions and competitions. Even helicopter flights were offered! It was all rounded off with a banquet with over 70 people from the day's organizers and competitors where experiences were shared and impressions sunk in during a beautiful sunset in the summer heat in a genuine Roslag environment.

Like last year, the competition was a real challenge even for some of Sweden's biggest profiles in the sport. Despite the seemingly perfect conditions, the sun and the heat took hold of the pitchers and kept the high results away. It instead became a mental battle, and for many a battle to maintain a high minimum level. Today's big winner on the Men's side was Peter Olsson (Dynapac, Blekinge) who won both Men's overall, class 1, the doubles with son Mattias and mixed with daughter Elin and team gold with "Karlskrona". Peter Olsson showed why he holds the Swedish outdoor record! On the women's side, Balders HSK's Malira "Ning of gold" Eriksson ruled, she won the women's class, class 4 but also came 2nd overall after Peter O. WOW! Balder's fix star, Jean Fredriksson Väre did the job as so often when he took gold in class 3 - Bravo!

Men´s and Women´s Gold winner at Roslagen Open, Peter Olsson and Malira Ning Eriksson

Jean Fredriksson Väre (middle), winner of class 3, Roslagen Open 2022

Saturday's competition and the Vaxholm Open was again a difficult battle where the high scores would not be achieved but where will and fight would win!

The BIG name of the day was Balders HSK´s Torgny Rågfeld, the debutant for 2022, who was named "Trainee" on the competition shirt for the season, already showed at the SM that Balders HSK's scouts once again did the job, when he sensationally claimed the SM gold in Class 4. This Sunday in Vaxholm he flashed again when he took the overall victory on the men's side with big names like Kent and Leo Sundahl behind him. Insane performance! Another Balder profile that for the day gave some shine to the club was the chairman himself :) with his 4 medals and a 3rd place overall on the men's side.

Balders HSK´s sensation 2022 and Vaxholm open winner, Torgny Rågfeldt in middle

We also want to draw attention to:

Talented Elin Olsson and Natalie Sundahl who made a fantastic competition at Vaxholm! Elin won the Ladies class and Natalie won class 2 ahead of the great Vaxholm profiles Kristian Jältsäter and Björn Landberg.

Ladies first! sorry lads;) Natalie Sundahl, winner of class 2 in Vaxholm Open

On the minior side, we want to highlight Olle Lovén from Balders HSK, who made a fine competition and who shows that the future looks bright for the club!

Olle, Winner of minior class at Roslagen Open 2022

More Balders HSK medalist at Roslagen Open, Malena Rågfeldt with Torgny and Martin Anjou with wife Julia Eriksson

Finally, we want to give a BIG thank you to all participants, competitors and sponsors who contributed to this year's Sthlm's weekend being just as fabulous as we hoped for!

The results from competitions can be found on the Swedish Horseshoe Throwers Association's website:

Banquet and Italian buffet at Roslagen Open

Handmade trophies by Jean Fredriksson Väre
Handmade "crème de la crème" trophies at Roslagen Open 2022 by Jean F. Väre

Total dominance in class 4 by Balders HSK 2022, no exception at Roslagen Open! Martin Anjou, Malira Ning Eriksson and Julia Anjou

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