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The world's first track horseshoe pitching Cup - ONLINE

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

It was with great enthusiasm that Balder's HSK in collaboration with Vaxholm organized the world's first online cup in track horseshoe pitching.

The "Horseshoe party Winter Edition", as the cup was actually called, is an extension of the "Horseshoe party" Balders arranged this spring, then in physical form with fantastic company, with food and drink and prize money to collect.

Like most of Balders' competitions this year, we have gradually had to adapt to the covid restrictions that have prevailed. We have refused to cancel competitions and events and instead tried to find new ways, we believe that creating community is even more important in difficult times!

The Horseshoe party Winter Edition" therefore had to be transformed into an ONLINE cup if we could at all realize the event, the first of its kind in the world and with 2 thousand kronor to the winning team. Probably the biggest prize money in the sport's history! ;)

Uncertain before start

However, the preparations were anything but stable. This week, Värends HSK, led by Lasse Brincner, had to throw in the towel due to disease symptoms. Sibbamåla from Karlskrona got a cold in their team and covid-test had to decide their participation, at 14.00 on the match day (!) came the test result, which showed negative! Sibbamåla, one of Sweden's most successful teams in history, was thus ready for the Horseshoe party with start at 19.00. Balders also got covid concern when Pascal and his love Johanna showed cold symptoms. Pascal quickly had to set up his own course on the balcony where throwing could take place from inside the hall and outwards. Balders threw from a total of three locations, 4 threw from Färsna Gård and 6 from Rådmansö.

Difficult times require creative solutions...

The competition was also in many ways also a competition between north and south, where the newcomers in the sport met the veterans. It was also a competition where Balders presented some new names from the clan Rådmansö, fantastic people and fantastic pitchers that we are so happy to have in our club Balders.

The Competition

How did it go in the competition then? We must be honest, Sweden's probably strongest pitcher 2020 in our opinion is Kent Sundahl, (also winner of the Swedish Championships, Vaxholm Open and Färsna Cup) led his team like Napoleon on the battlefield! It was without mercy that he was noted for 580p!!! (New official "Online record" of course, the official Swedish indoor record is today 553 points and is held by Sandor Bodi), which gave him the victory in singles and a fantastic Brixwine wine! :), the result of course also led to team victory with a nice 1494p in total (4 best results in each team were counted in the team competition).

In second place came Balder's HSK at 1169! Balders was led by very strong Malira "Ning" Eriksson (3rd overall in singles with 327p) and the new BIG surprise Julia Anjou (4th overall in singles with 319p), Balders must say that we are incredibly proud to be able to show that we are such an equal club where women are a big part of the club's success! Fantastic!

In 3rd place came our lovely neighbors Vaxholm HSK who managed to sniff Sibbamåla with only 4p! What a drama ....well fought!

"The whole concept is simply amazing! my 580p is magical. Now you know that there is still life in the old man. It's you up there (Sthlm) who should have a real pat on the shoulder, without your success in the horseshoe pitching this would never have happened" said the star of the evening Kent Sundahl.


We at Balders also want to take the opportunity to highlight the new ones for the evening that made our competition debut, thank you very much and well fought, we say to Malin, Janne and Felix, and then Julia Anjou who finished 4th! what a debut - Mamamia!

Finally, it can be said that the technical structure around the competition was extremely interesting to implement and test for us participants, to have an alternative in the future in difficult times and where community overcomes everything, just as was the case this evening!

Winning Team Carlskrona HSC, fr left Kent Sundahl

Team Sibbamåla with talented and famous Tobias Gneupel in the right corner (2nd in singles),

Balders from Rådmansö with Julia in the middle (4th in singles)

Team Vaxholm HSK

Thank you all for a fantastic participation - "Horseshoe party Winter Edition - Online" will return in 2021, we promise it already now!

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