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Balders invited Vaxholm for a few throws in the barn at Norrtälje. It all ended with "The Killer", a competition format that Fredrik in Balders developed. Therefore, when the competition offered real excitement, we choose to briefly share the format with you.

Nothing is more strange than the game being taken from another sport, darts. In darts, the competition format is called "Three legs".

“A really fun and exciting format that suits horseshoe pitching very well and is about throwing well at the right time. No one is safe.”

The game is played as follows:

* Starting order is determined by everyone throwing a horseshoe each towards the middle, best points start. Equal points are decided by reversal.

* Everyone gets three "Horseshoes" (life) to start with.

* The game is about pitching more points than the previous players did (we have chosen that even points are sufficient). If you fail to pitch more or equally, you lose one of your three "horseshoes".

* When you have lost the last "horseshoe" you are knocked out.

* Finally, only one player is left and he or she wins.

A simple game that is easy to learn and suitable for beginners like professionals.

We make reservations that someone before us in the sport may already have "invented" this :)

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