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The history of our sport

Who introduced the sport? and how did our sport come to Sweden? Questions we need to take a closer look at. We summarize briefly.

On the Swedish horseshoe pitching Association page we can read that the sport was introduced in 1986 in Italy, Genua by the Italian Mr. L.Salsi. In 1992 the sport came to Sweden. It was when four Swedish workmates on their way to Elblag in Poland that the magic happened. Just before Elblag, they were met by a sign that said that a horseshoe pitching contest was going on, they became curious and stopped. A few weeks later they were back in Elblag, this time to compete against their new-found friends, "it was victory with noise and fear".


In 1993 they were invited to Italy and Genua. They became the best non-Italian team with a 3rd place. The years that followed offered more wonderful Italy experiences with, among other things, VM -96 and EM -99.

"Sweden's smallest and happiest national team"

Good PR

June 16, 1993 was to read in the Expressen, "Sweden's smallest and happiest national team", that article was great PR and opened the sport to more.

The Golden year

The peek for the sport was perhaps reached in 1998, which is described as a golden year when the World Cup was held in Ronneby by the Swedish Horseshoe pitching Association. Five countries participated. Mattias Gneupel was the closest Swedish competitor, only 3 points from the title. Inga Lill from Lassebo was third.

For those of you who want to read more about the fantastic history of our sport go to the Swedish Horseshoe pitching Association's page.

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