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Pitching tracks deluxe - let's be inspired

Time to inspire all pitchers out there who are planning to put up a pitching track in their backyard for the upcoming outdoor season. But! before you take your first shovel, you just have to see these tracks.

We have done some research and list here the top five best and most beautiful tracks according to the editorial staff. Many of the courses are originally boules tracks. Courses that are very suitable for Horseshoe pitching.

No. 5

Like a small oasis with a rustic impression. Invites for pitching but can at the same time feel a little boxy and claustrophobic. We think it is a little too much boards on the long sides. We would also like to have seen a larger audience area along the long sides.

No. 4

With French touch, we breathe French southern location with clear elements of Provence with its beautiful lavender planting along one long side. Well grown public area on one side that invites the company, which is good. Unfortunately, lavender planting can be problematic despite its charm. It is nice to be able to stand on both sides during long chatty evenings.

No. 3

A beautiful course with rustic and charming expression. Fantastic lighting, which in its simplicity, frames the atmosphere in the best way. Unfortunately, we are also disappointed here at the planting which prevents us from being able to stay on both sides of the track, and that it unnecessarily scrapes down the track. We wish for a larger entertainment area along the course. However, no doubt a top 3!

No. 2

Here luxury is blended with charm, thanks to the lighting, where a simpler with charm hanging over the track is combined with spot lighting along the track. A very inviting BBQ area in stone next to the course places this in second place as the track invites to long and late parties in the summer night.

No. 1

It was tough but we still think this one has almost everything. The large entertainment area, the fireplace, the green carpet that pulls along the entire course are strong arguments for being chosen as number one. The ability to also move along all sides of the track is considered excellent. The second question mark is that the track does not actually have any illumination over the track, but we believe with the budget this track requires, there should be room to solve this.

Finally, for all of us who cannot afford the above, we have found something else, we call it the "Shower", in two words, cheap and efficient.

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