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Pitch & Waffle = True!

Autumn's most exciting news in Horseshoe Pitching Sweden is here!

Balders HSK announces with great pleasure that we take over the running of the farm café on Färsna Gård every Sunday, and launch "Pitch & Waffle!

Come and enjoy Sweden's coolest Horseshoe Pitching café for pitching, gossip and getting the latest news, or just enjoy crispy waffles, animals and nature.

”This is another step in the realization of Balder's vision, to create a really lovely meeting place for all of us Horseshoe fans and lovers of special moments, where people, food and Horseshoes connect.

The fall will also offer smaller "Sunday cups" alongside "Marathon 10an", a competition where the best result of 10 shoes wins. The competition lasts until Christmas, so you can improve your result every Sunday!

Every Sunday 11-17, Färsna Gård. With start August 2nd.

Welcome! / Balders Crew

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