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One era is coming to an end - another is taking over!

Part 1 - An era is coming to an end.

It is not with sadness but with great gratitude for his time, that we announce that Balder's HSK will now stop holding Pitch & Waffles on the weekends at Färsna farm. July 25th will be the very last day of Pitch & Waffles.

“P&W was a crazy initiative to make the sport bigger and get people to try this wonderful sport where community can be the focus, where experiences are shared. Geez what fun we had, jeez how many horseshoes were thrown and jeez how many waffles it has become!"

We remember

We want to remember magical moments like Pitch & Run, Pitch & Ski, the Sunday Cups, the 10an and many other occasions. We will remember all the incredibly interesting and personal encounters with people from all corners of the country. We will remember all the warm and positive feedback.

Björn Enström - Winner of Pitch & Run 2020

Neo Letter Hagerman at Pitch & Ski 2021

We would like to humbly thank all the fantastic customers who came every weekend and contributed to this community and atmosphere that has been at Färsna Gård.

A real thriller at the very first sunday`s Cup at Pitch & Waffles

You who wonder if horseshoe pitching will continue to be at the farm? Absolutely to the very highest degree! Will the café continue to be open on weekends at Färsna Gård? Of course, a wonderfully inspiring actor will soon take over the café which will only make the weekends even better!

The competition “10an? - It will continue at our cups and events. The autumn 10an starts on 14 August in connection with the Roslagen Open.

NOTE! We have 3 Saturdays left in July with veteran car meetings where you have the opportunity to win "Veteranbils-5an" - come and enjoy one last time Pitch & Waffles and challenge for the trophy!

Once again - BIG thanks for all your visits at Pitch & waffles, memories will remain for life!

Part 2 - "A new era begins" - coming soon!

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