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Medals for Balders HSK at the outdoor STHLM District Championship

It was a familiar and cozy competition that Vaxholm invited to when STHLM outdoor DM was to be decided. Much of the preliminary talk was about whether Kristian Jältsäter would repeat his fine pitching from the Vaxholm Open earlier in the summer or whether Landberg would take back the throne. Or could Balders possibly challenge the experienced pitchers from Vaxholm?

To the Left: Vaxholm HSK 2 (Silver), Vaxholm HSK 1 (Gold), Balders HSK (Bronze)

To start with the mens competition, It was hard all the way to the end and the final round had to be decided to crown the winner. The victory went to experienced Björn Landberg, who also won the prize for today's highest score and 4 new car tires. Balder's won the bronze through Pascal Letter.

To the left: M.Zetterlund (Silver), B.Landberg (Gold), P.Letter (Bronze)

“The most thrilling resolution of my career ... really wanted to win the title and the car tires!” said B. Landberg

Women´s competion

To the left: L.Sundin (Silver), M.Eriksson (Gold), B.Brown (Bronze)

On the women's side, an uncertain battle awaited when Bladers HSK came to the competition with two brand new cards, Malira Eriksson and Johanna Hagerman. But of course we had hopes, and they were fulfilled -BANG! and GOLD to Malira Eriksson. A fantastic pitch of 268p in her first competition. J.Hagerman came in a nice 4th place.

At the team competition, Pascal Letter chose to make room for others to create a wonderfully mixed team consisting of F. Sandelius, J. Åberg, M. Eriksson and J. Hagerman. It was a joy to see when they stepped up on the podium to receive the bronze. The winner was Vaxholm HSK 1.

To the left: M.Klaving, A.Gundersen (Bronce), B.Landberg/B.Gabrielsson (Gold), P.Letter/F.Sandelius (Silver)

In the doubles, Balders topped the team with P.Letter and F.Sandelius, but with a weak last round they lost the gold with only 16p. The double was won by Björnarna Landberg and Gabrielsson.

We thank the organizer Vaxholm for a nice DM and congratulate all participants and winners. For the full results list from the STHLM District Championship, have a look at the association's page.

Now we are reloading for Färsna Cup - 12 Sept at Färsna farm!

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