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"Ivanhoe" winner of the world's first PITCH & RUN!

It was with anticipation mixed with horror that today's competitors stood on the starting line, ready to challenge themselves in the world's first Pitch & Run.

from left: Malira Eriksson, Johan Bergård, Robin Malm (and Theo), Ida Eklund, Emma Fresk, Björn Enström

With individual start with 2 minute intervals, 4.5 km running and with 20 horseshoes, there was no room for mistakes. For each miss, a 30 sec supplement was given, for each 30 points thrown, a 30 sec deduction on the total time.

Henrik Fresk before finish line;)


Today's big drama includes Henriks Fresk´'s big mistake after one of the throwing stations, where he misses a right turn and surely loses 30 seconds and probably the bronze medal. 13 seconds before the finish line, Robin Malm came in, "the rock" who rarely makes mistakes, did not do this time either and crossed the line at 31:03:00 (running time: 27:33:00 and a total of 78p and 9 misses).

In second place came Johan Bergård. Unknown in the horseshoe pitching world but witch really good running steps, threw himself into a nice 30:09:00 (running time: 24:09:00, 49p, 13 misses)

"What a sport! How has no one come up with this ingenious combo sport before? A future Olympic sport. Fantastic arrangement by Balder's HSK" said Björn Enström.

In first place came, like "Ivanhoe" with late registration, from nowhere and with super sharp clothes and even faster legs, Björn Enström. Björn broke the code for the day, where fast time gave more advantage than better throwing. Bear ran in at an incredible 29:16:00 (running time 22:46:00), despite 14 misses and 51p. Fantastic!

Björn "Ivanhoe" Enström


On the ladies' side, the biggest drama was before the start. Johanna Hagerman, one of the pre-favorites, suddenly had a lot of problems with her foot. Malin Malm, who some had hoped for, had to resign due to a bone injury. Malira Eriksson was still on the starting line as a big favorite, challenged by the youth ... Despite this, Malira kept up the pressure and noted the day's best score of all competitors, 117p and least missed horseshoes, 7. Unbelievable! It is also fun to note the fine contributions from Emma Fresk and Ida Eklund.

But let's be honest, today´s Pitch&Run took place with a fantastic family atmosphere with children and adults together in search of this difficult challenge. It was almost emotional to see these parents trip away with their children in search of a great time together - WOW!

We would also like to give a special thank you to Roger Eriksson, who acted as a functionary today and who contributes to great commitment to the club Balders HSK.

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who attended today - "When life has a little more to give!" / Balders Crew

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