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ICA Norrköp enters as a new sponsor

New sponsor joins Balders HSK! It is with great pleasure that we choose to present our new sponsor, one of Roslagen's absolute best food retailers, ICA Norrköp.

Balders continues to strengthen partnerships with local entrepreneurs and now it is clear that ICA Norrköp with Tobias Larsson will go in and support the club so that it can continue its work towards realizing its vision, in order to create a meeting place with fantastic experiences.

“Feels incredibly fun and inspiring to bring in such a strong local company as a sponsor, which stands for quality throughout, says Fredrik Sandelius of Balders HSK”

Happy faces with Tobias Larsson to the right, Fredrik, Martin and Sthlm´s No1 Horseshoe pitcher Landberg to the left

We personally thank Tobias Larsson and ICA Norrköp for their support and sponsorship.

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