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Guide - How to start a Horseshoe Club

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

For all of you who are walking around thinking about starting a Horseshoe Club (or not;) Here's a quick guide on how.

Purpose and vision

First and foremost, think about the purpose of your new club. Is it aimed at achieving results and success at competitions? Is it to create fellowship with social gatherings? Or are you personally just looking for a new hobby just?

It is important that you initially have a clear picture of the purpose and vision of the club to set the right level of ambition. For example, how much training and commitment is needed from yourself and the members? It facilitates your and the club's communication with potential new members. Finally, be open to change on your journey, conditions change, talents flourish, stars change clubs, members join others disappear. Despite this, try to stick to your basic vision and ambition, the club needs a solid foundation. However, it does not preclude the formation of the club over time and steer the club towards new goals.

Register your club

You do this at the Swedish Horseshoe Association. The cost is 400 SEK per year. As a registered club, it is free to start registering and competing at the competitions organized around the country.


Carpet, horseshoes, sticks and more are purchased through the association and their website. As a registered club you get a discount on your purchases. A set is suitable for about 4 - 6 pitchers.


Like tennis or bob, you can compete in singles, doubles / mixes or teams (4). However, theoretically and practically, you can be yourself in a club and only compete in singles games. Equally, you can be 12 members and compete with several teams at a competition.


The great thing about this sport is that you can participate even with very little training. You can even compete without having training on the weekly schedule. It all depends on the club's vision and goals. If you are looking for results at the competitions you need training, more about that you can read in our previous article “How to practice Horseshoe Pitching”. If you want to train on a "Match situation" then FaceTime is recommended if you can't physically meet. Call a club and play! However, if you are more looking for a nice moment with friends and as a fun hobby, then it is enough to pitch in the occasions you are well seen.


You register for each contest for a fee, often around 70 SEK. Keep an eye on the federation's page and calendar for each competition. The singles game is divided into different classes which means that you do not have to meet the best as new.

Series games are also available and usually played every other week. Series play starts in the fall and is played in teams of 4 pitchers.


Today, the clubs are located in Blekinge, Småland and Stockholm. FaceTime is used to some extent today in the series, including Vaxholm from Stockholm.


For training equipment (1 set) plus registration of the club, expect about 2000 SEK.

For questions, do not hesitate to contact the Swedish Horseshoe Association, if you are in Stockholm then you can also contact Vaxholm HSK or us. We wish you the best of luck!

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