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Fredrik and Balders HSK take the bronze!

Sweden Horseshoe pitching Championship in Kristianopel offered a lot of nerve in difficult conditions.

From Left ,Fredrik Sandelius (Balders), Kristian Jältsäter (Vaxholm), Björn Landberg (Vaxholm

It was under windy and sometimes chilly conditions Saturday's competitions started when Sweden's best pitchers met to fight for the title as Sweden's best pitcher in 2020.

“It was incredibly tense and the windy weather did not make the pitching easier"

For Balders HSK this was the first big competition and there was much to learn for our new club. The hopes and expectations were nevertheless high within the club, we wanted to take a medal!

It was also really fun and exciting that Balders had two brand new pitchers at the Swedish Championships, Jonas Bergqvist and Anders Möller, who with pondus defended Balder's colors as few. Martin's Smeds was, as usual, also in Balder's team lineup, this weekend he also hosted us down in Småland, a stay followed by many laughs.

Saturday's competitions

However, Saturday became an anti-climax when Balders HSK and Pascal with 251 points missed the bronze in class 4 by 3 points (a result that had reached bronze in both class 3 and 2 actually).

In the doubles we had nothing to do with the medals (place 14) but ​​we were glad we had our best double pair in front of Vaxholms (place 18);)

Sunday´s competions

Revenge was there on Sunday's game when Balders HSK with Fredrik Sandelius won the Bronze in Class 4a. Incredibly fun for Fredrik and our young club! It was excitement from start to finish and amazingly impressive how he was able to pitch 41 points in the final round to secure the bronze.

We want to congrats the "veterans" from Vaxholm, Kristian Jältsäter and Björn Landberg who managed to take silver in class 4 repective bronze in class 3. Good job Vaxholm! You are awesome!

Finally, we also want to thank the organizers and all the winners during the SM weekend - Congratulations to you all!

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