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Färsna Cup 2020!

It was with some concern we monitored the weather before our first edition of Färsna Cup, it was raining in the forecast, and unfortunately it rained on the day of the competition. If that stopped the brave pitchers? Absolutely not! Despite the weather, the competition offered about 70 fantastic participants.

The Minors

The participants were divided into three groups. Minors, Amateurs and Pro. The children were first out at 10 o'clock with just over 20 brave throwers. Standing in fine line, they were ready to fight for the gold medal (in chocolate), and as they fought! What a wonderful sight to see all these little hearts pitch and then proudly receive the gold medal. BRAVO!

“Just watching these little ones run around and pitching horseshoes makes the day worthwhile" said P. Letter

The amateur

The amateur group offered 18 participants. Almost everyone was a beginner so it was difficult to predict a winner. However, there had been a bit of a whisper about a Mr Häggqvist ... who also met expectations and won the gold! Thorbjörn Svennberg competed for Balder's HSK, who also showed sharpness in certain test throws at the farm on certain occasions, showed that there is potential when he won the silver. But the competition was open and uncertain for a long time when the young and fearless junior Ayman exhausted these two seniors all the way to the finish line. Ayman had to settle for the bronze this time, but more to be expected from this young talent.

Ayman, bronze medalist in amateur class

The Pro´s

Last out was the Pro group, 27 strong participants would make up for the win in Färsna Cup´'s first edition. It was not just anyone in place, Kent Sundahl, the gold medalist from the Swedish Championship 2020 and No. 1 in Sweden, the faithful servant Gert Karlsson and on 8th place in the ranking, the new Sthlm DM champion B.Landberg, the union chairman Lasse Brincner and the old World Cup silver medalist from - 98, Matthias "Mattan" Gneupel ". On the women's side we had Carina Greupel, one of Sweden's best female pitchers ever. Young and very talented Nathalie Sundahl and our own Malira Eriksson who won the District Championships a week ago. Would anyone from Balder's HSK really be able to battle for the gold? That was the question ...

Absolutely! PANG! again when Malira stepped forward and threw home the gold to Balders on the women's side, it was with the smallest possible margin and with a single point Malira managed to get past experienced Carina and take the gold. Only 20 points separated the throwers on the podium. Wow! what a thriller and so much fun for Malira and the club.

Malira Eriksson

And only 20 points also separated the pitchers on the podium for the men! The routine and self-confidence perhaps decided when, after all, Kent Sundahl stepped up as expected on the podium to receive the gold. Long pressed by Sthlm´s B.Landberg who fought and struggled to give Kent a match but who in the end had to settle for the silver. Just like at the Sthlm District Championships, Pascal Letter from Balder's HSK stepped forward and won the bronze!

From left - P.Letter, K.Sundahl, B,Landberg

Despite rain and cold, the day otherwise offered fantastic framing. Martin Smeds did a great job at the grill and delivered yummy grilled sausages. Pascal baked crepes in the cafe, where the chocolate wheel also spun well and gave happy winners. Fredrik Sandelius did a great job when he struggled to control the competition in the rain and in the secretariat K.Jältsäter made no mistakes as usual.

In doubles, the Bears from Vaxholm Landberg / Gabrielsson showed that they are now established when they again managed to take the gold (like in DM last Saturday) before Nathalie and Kent Sundahl. Veterans L. Brincner / Gert Karlsson took the bronze.

It was just as impressive when Vaxholm HSK also took the gold in Team, before Only for the wheels and Balders HSK 1. Well done Vaxholm!

Men in black (Vaxholm HSK) fr left: K.Jätsäter, B,Landberg, E,Smiding, B,Gabrielsson

Today's highest score (on 5 throws) was scored by Robin Malm from Balder's HSK when he scored 54 points in round 5! Chocolate medal to Robin of course!

A BIG thank you to all participants and members who made this day possible. It was a real pleasure to see you all on site and we hope to see you again soon. An extra big congratulations also to all the winners and medalists.

Finally, we would like to thank our three official sponsors during the Färsna Cup, ICA Norrköp who contributed with wonderful ingredients, Brixwine who gave the medalists fantastic wines and Nibble Däck, Roslagen's best tire supplier who gave today's best score 4 brand new tires! You may have seen and wondered why the team that took silver was called "Only for the wheels";)

To see fully results, have a look at

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