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Dazzling game when Balders visited Vaxholm

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Balders chose this week to visit Vaxholm HSK to study and learn. It was with high pace and incredible focus that Vaxholm chose to learn. While the normally very stable Björn Landberg had the evening's highest series of 222, Kristian Jältsäter also dreamed up with a personal record of 215! Congratulations Kristian!

"this signing shows the club's ambitions."

Otherwise, while there was good coffee with cookies, it was above all a time for a new Balders player to enter the horseshoe pitching arena, Martin Smeds. Martin Smeds impressed with an average of around 120 and showed both mental and physical capacity. Newly appointed Balders HSK president Pascal Letter said he was very pleased with his latest signing, surprised? Not at all answered Pascal, who has all confidence in his scouts leadership.

- Martin was found by chance not far from Färsna Gård when he threw away a stone, lying on the road. That's the way it is. After talking to his surroundings, we were able to proudly present him this week for the club. We wanted to give the fans something back, and this signing shows the club's ambitions.

Tonight's results

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