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Let´s make Horseshoe Pitching great again!

One era is coming to an end - another is taking over!

Part 2 - Another is taking over…

With Pitch & Waffles in the grave, many wonder what Balder's new gift will be? When new time is released, new energy arises, new visions are born and goals are realized! Right?

Balder's new gift can be the coolest thing a horseshoe pitcher in Sweden could hope for"

Balder's new gift can be the coolest thing a horseshoe pitcher in Sweden could hope for", a journey beyond the horizon, a journey where we are allowed to dream bigger, a journey that few get to experience during their lifetime! :)

During the summer, Balder's HSK will build an authentic American horseshoe pitching course at Färsna Gård, it is the first step to our big goal, to take us across the Atlantic and visit our transatlantic colleagues! We intend to challenge them with their horseshoe sport, but it will also be an great opportunity for us to market our Swedish variant from 6m.

There are an estimated 15 million horseshoe throwers in the United States. They throw unlike the Swedish track horseshoe pitching (6m) from 12m (ladies and juniors from 9m) their shoes weigh from 1 kilo against our 480-500g here in Sweden.

a typical American horseshoe

The journey will be long and will begin this summer, with, among other things, some timber and sand… (when we build the track) then hard training, sweat and tears await. Finally, the climax awaits this fantastic adventure as we cross the Atlantic and visit all sorts of clubs from north to south on our fantastic road trip!

St.George Horseshoe Pitching Club

Balder's HSK hopes, as always, that we experience magical fellowship, share experiences and create new expected and unexpected friends!

competitors at Prescott Merchants Horseshoe Tournament

In 2-3 years, we will be off, across the Atlantic, on one of "Hästskosveriges" coolest adventures. Everyone is welcome to share this journey with us - Come to Färsna Gård later this summer and try the American version, become part of our adventure, an adventure beyond the horizon!

"When life has a little more to give"

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Until further notice, see and let yourself be swept away:

With kind regards

Balders HSK

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