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Close-up with Mattias "Mattan" Gneupel!

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Today we launch a new article series called "Close-up" here at Balders HSK. In this article series we want to raise the profiles in the sport, what their everyday life in the sport looks like, their best memories and what they think about the future of the sport. We will post these regularly in the future.

Swedish horseshoe pitcher
Mattias Gneupel

First out in our article series is the highly regarded and World Cup silver medalist from 1998 Mattias "Mattan" Gneupel.

Can you tell us briefly about your background and what qualifications led you to Sibbamåla IF?

I ran on horseshoe pithing a coincidence in 1994, me and Mrs (Carina) gathered two friends and started competing (GSG), after ten years we became team Holmsjö and in 2005 we became our current club Sibbamåla IF.

Can you tell us a little about your everyday work within the club?

I can't say I have any direct work in the club, but Carina and I are the ones who take care of everything. (laugh)

How do you see the coming / remaining season, what are your personal goals?

The season has gone a bit up and down, the goal is to win at least one competition, win class 2 and make a 100-round.

How do you see the future of horseshoe pitching in Sweden?

Looks bright on the future considering our new acquisitions from Vaxholm and Norrtälje among others.

Five quick questions:

Idol in the sport? - Sandor Bodi

Merits? - Team gold both outdoor and indoors 17/18.

Best swedish ranking 6. Current ranking 10.

Best series? - 405/436

Best horseshoe pitching memory? - The silver from VM-98.

Motto? - "Never give up"

We thank Mr Gneupel for his participation to this new article series. We are very grateful.

Lastly, who do you think will make its big breakthrough this year? - "Simple, Pascal Letter!"

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