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Close-up with Kristian Jältsäter

In this article series called "Close-up" we take a closer look at the sport's competitors. We want to raise the profile of the sport, what their everyday life in the sport looks like, their best memories and what they think about the future of the sport.

Today we talk with Kristian Jältsäter from Vaxholm HSK. He has in a short time already established himself as a force in the horseshoe pitching society and many see him as an important part of the sport's future. No doubt we dare to say that Mr Jältsäter is the real deal when it comes to horseshoe pitching in the district of Stockholm. Who with incredible passion is convinced to establish the sport in Stockholm like the rest of Sweden.

So Kristian Jältsäter, can you tell us briefly about your background and what qualifications led you to Vaxholm HSK?

I entered the horseshoe world through a simple search on google. I googled for small sports in Sweden, and found horseshoe pitching. At a little closer research I realized that the material was cheaper to order if you were a registered horseshoe club. I then registered a club and ordered the material, carpet, horseshoes and more. When we then started pitching we realized how fun it was, and then we registered for the Värendspokalen in March 2019, which became our first competition. Since then it has rolled on.

"The best horseshoe pitching memory is when we pitch the outdoor SM in 2019. A magical weekend where I won a bronze in class 4, among other things."

Can you tell us a little about your everyday work within the club?

My title is Chairman of Vaxholm HSK. My day-to-day work is to ensure that club members keep track of times for training and competitions. In addition, I have contact with the horseshoe association and external contacts with, for example, sponsors of our club and make sure that there will be activities for others to try pitching, for example at the sports bar in Vaxholm. I also manage social media for Vaxholm HSK.

How do you see the coming / remaining season, what are your personal goals?

Next season I hope we have gone up in Division 1 of the series game. In addition, I hope to take the medal at the outdoor SM in June. My personal goal is to pitch over 300 at the competition and over 200 in the series.

How do you see the future of horseshoe pitching?

I see the future of the sport as bright, if some adjustments can be made. An example is that equipment must be cheaper and easier to obtain, similar to that made with kubb and boule, it can become a Swedish garden sport. There are also great opportunities, for example, sports bars and outdoor pubs all over Sweden. Just look at Shuffleboard, which has experienced a significant upswing in Sweden, after for example O'Learys took it as an activity. With some adaptation, horseshoe pitching can come in, perhaps with some minor rule changes or rule adjustments. In addition, the sport needs to be digitized and the counter could be built into an app on the phone so that it becomes similar eg bowling, where you can follow each player's throw. As you can see, I have some ideas! (Laugh)

Five quick questions:

Idol in sports? - Sandor Bodi

Merits? - Individual SM bronze in Class 4, 2019

Best series? - My best series has not yet been made, but at competition I have made 262 on 50 throws at best.

Best horseshoe pitching memory? - The best horseshoe pitching memory is when we pitch the outdoor SM in 2019. A magical weekend where I won a bronze in class 4, among other things.

Motto? - "If you have 2 horseshoes left, you can always score 40 points"

Lastly, who do you think will make its big breakthrough this year? - I expect Björn Landberg to make his big break in the coming season.

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