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Beefcake takes it!

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

When the favorites couldn't handle the pressure at STHLM District Championship, newcomers stepped in and took it.

It was an evening full of anticipation, nervousness and excitement when Stockholm's first District Championship was to be decided. No one could avoid the moment, the impressions and emotions bubbled, they lay like a smog inside the warm local pub. The hour was in.

“ could almost sense the atmosphere when Muhammad Ali stepped into "The Rumble in the Jungle"

As soon as Balders stepped in at the SportsBar No 10, we felt that this would be a tough evening. Many teams stood ready, for a brief second you could almost sense the atmosphere when Muhammad Ali stepped into "The Rumble in the Jungle".

However It was not Balder's night this time and we had to settle for a fourth place in the singles game. But there were many who had difficulties on the hard-to-master pitching track. Someone who did not seem to be affected was lesser known Beefcake who with pondus and determination carried both the men and women class in the singles game thanks to Erik Smiding and Sabina Rydberg. Vaxholm HSK succeeded as expected to win the doubles and the team discipline.

Happy Message

A happy message for Balders was Markus Norman, a brand new untested card for the competition, which showed an interesting profile. We look forward to more appearances from Markus in the future.

Pascal Letter, Martin Smeds, Markus Norman (left)
3x Balders! P.Letter, M.Smeds, M.Norman (right)

Balders HSK congratulates Beefcake for its success and thanks organizer Vaxholm HSK for a fantastic evening.

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