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Balders offers "Pitchrun"!

Has Balders HSK just run into a new subgenre for our sport? Or has it already been invented and practiced by many and long time?

Horseshoepitching and running

Balders HSK is currently in an intensive phase with the building of the club's infrastructure. Finances must be raised, training facilities must be in place, etc. This has led to Balders HSK having been trained under the conditions that were available.

How it happened

After some workouts last week, some of the club's players discovered, that what they were really doing, was running with a stop for pitching. The equipment consisted of a backpack, 5 horseshoes and a 7 point mat. The stick, in light aluminum was used a few times, sometimes a branch was used. As if that was not enough, Fredrik and Pascal managed with a personal best of five shoes, 47 respectively 60 points.

Horseshoe pitching
20 X 20 20 X (the third 20 here has slipped out on the picture)
“Personally, there is something fresh about this, being outdoors, getting the pulse up and then letting it sink to pitch and then pulling it up again," says Fredrik Sandelius, one of the Balders pitchers.”

The name "Pitchrun"

When Pascal tried to put a word into our training form, "Pitchrun" became the obvious, clearly inspired by Swimrun. But if you analyze it further, it is quite like biathlon too, maybe even more. For example, Pitchrun could be divided into two distances, 2.5 km with 25 throws and a 5 km with 50 throws.

Horseshoe pitching and running
Pascal attacking the hill during "Pitchrun" training

Anyway, Balders sees this as a fun workout to get into shape for major championships. Test it if you've never tried and let us know what you think? Not a completely impossible idea that Balders invites to "Pitchrun" on Roslagsleden sometime in the future.

Now the question is, Balders HSK is a far too new club to know. Has Balders developed a new subgenre by chance? or has it been there for years? If not, what do you all fans and competitors think about it? As an idea, sub-genre, as a training method or even as a form of competition? Please, let us know and comment on this article!

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