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Balders HSK Club Championship 2021!

20th november a most charming KM was decided in our beloved club💚 At Lilltorp Arena they would now once again be decided on Who is the club's best? 🥳🙌

As so often in our sport, this became a battle in 10 rounds where EVERYTHING would be decided in the end!


On the women's side, the pre-talk was very much about if Jarita Fredrikson Väre being able to threaten energetic and very talented Julia Anjou, who showed great form this last weeks in the league game. An undulating battle that ended in victory for Jarita and which showed that the oldest is the best yet!! Talented Anna Löwberg won a well-deserved bronze - Bravo !!

Women´s final result

1) Jarita Fredriksson Väre 217p

2) Julia Anjou 203p

3) Anna Löwberg 177p


On the men's side, the question was whether anyone could threaten Jean Fredriksson Väre, who by far showed that he is the club's best in 2021, but a KM ä a KM… could routine, youth or hunger challenge him? After 5 rounds, P. Letter had connected the grip before Jean, Martin Anjou, Marcus Elken Peterson and Torgny Rågfeldt close behind. Then a real thriller competition followed right into the end. After round 6 Jean past Pascal, after round 7 Jean led with only 1p before Pascal who in round 8 took the lead with 1p before Jean! In round 9 neutralization, when both threw 37p… At the really end, Jean tokk the win when he in round 10 threw 41 against Pascals 30 and became club champion - 🙌 👏👏 The fight for 3rd place was almost as close, undulating and nervous when Marcus in the end won the bronze medal - Bravo !!!

Men´s final result

1) Jean Fredriksson Väre 304p

2) Pascal Letter 294p

3) Marcus Elken Peterson 237p

The double´s final result

1) Jarita / Jean Fredriksson Väre 526p

2) Martin A / Marcus E Peterson 467p

3) Pascal L / Jonny Åberg 460p

The 3rd and autumn edition of "10" was also decided during this evening - where Martin Anjou in the final round could decide and win after Jarita missed the 20th by 1.5 cm on the last throw. Bravo Martin - revenge !! 👏💪

A BIG BRAVO also to the club's latest additions, Torgny Rågfeldt, Anton Rågfeldt and Emil Nilsson who all showed proof of cruel talent today -Good luck to you !! 👏👏

Last but not least - 3 other prizes were awarded during this "gala evening" on the initiative of Jarita and Jean, who hosted the day❤️

"Spirit of the year" - Jonny Åberg

"Without root no tree" - Pascal Letter

"Balder's 1st minor in the ranking" - Olle Lovén

BIG THANK YOU ALL - You all make this club more than a club, a community for ALL of us!

With kind regards

Balders HSK

"To the last throw"

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