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A Club Championship with Covid-touch!

Balder's HSK's first club championship 2020 was a test in several ways!

It was a Club Championship with different conditions for the competitors who also reflected the result. In these covid times, however, you have to decide whether to cancel a competition or carry it out. As our oldest participant Torbjörn Svennberg said "In difficult times, it is even more important with the small joys, rather than the result."

"In difficult times, it is even more important with the small joys, rather than the result." said Torbjörn Svennberg

To adapt to the strict covid restrictions and execute the Club Championship, the competition was possible to participate in as drop in-pitchers, one by one, or in pairs. Remnants who wanted to compete together gathered in the evening of max 8 people.

First out was Roger and Ning who drop-in pitched at 11. And they set the level immediately when Ning thundered 368p and Roger 228p. This was enough for gold for Ning in the Women's class, but also for gold in the doubles (596). WOW - Congratulations to Ning and Roger !!!

"The competition devil from ancient times appears from the depths ..." said Roger Eriksson

The club's wise man Torbjörn and the silver medalist from Färsna Cup in the amateur group, showed routine at 13.30, when he drop-in pitched 189p with very little training behind him during the year. Good work!

Johanna Hagerman, the love of the club chairman, who often complains that she is never allowed to train herself !;) Was big enough in her person to still stand on the line to challenge. She was noted for 144p, which was enough to win bronze in the women's class - well done love!

Around 2 pm, Jonny Åberg and Fredrik Sandelius chose to drop-pitch. Jonny, who has a serious injury in the foot, still managed to throw 202p - What a hero! Fredriks Sandelius pitched a nice 328p. The question was...How far would this result go?

Last out in the evening were then the 6 who gathered in now snowfall and drastically falling temperature. Heaters had to be placed on a wide front to warm the horseshoes that were approaching ice temperature. This group included our latest members (Jean, Jarita, Martin, Julia), amazing people and pitchers, along with veterans Pascal L and Martin "Smeden" Smeds.

Jean who is an amazing pitcher and who pitch 502! at the last training and was the big favorite of the day, did not really manage to perform at the top during the evening and finished at 303p. But it was still enough for a nice silver medal! Pascal L. slipped into third place with 255p. The gold for Fredrik Sandelius was a fact -Big Congratulations Fredrik!!

"In these times it feels like a win for the club. Wonderful with all the joy around everyone who could join said Fredrik S.

Fredrik Sandelius - Men´s Gold Winner 2020

In short, we can still say that we are still satisfied that we completed our Club Championship 2020 under very strict covid restrictions. The Womens class, behind fantastic Ning, was hard as rock, where only 6p separated the 2nd-4th! Julia won a nice silver in front of J. Hagerman and Jarita was only 3p behind Hagerman - what a thriller!

A big congratulations to today's winners Malira "Ning" Eriksson and Fredriks Sandelius. An extra GOLD star for Ning who noted the best result of the day (368p) and which will be the reason why the discussion about the Women´s 'class' being or not being has flared up in Sthlm's association. All you pitchers in Sweden, give us feedback on this issue please!:)

"Ning" - The Queen of Gold at Balders

In conclusion, the conditions were different which we were aware of in advance, and those who pitch earlier in the day in drop-in format also scored higher points. Those who pitch during the evening, however, had a nice time together with fantastic Brixwine Champange! :)

Jean & Jarita Eriksson Väre - Bronze medalist in double

Remember! "In difficult times, it is even more important with the small joys, rather than the result."

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