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A charming Swedish championship by Balder's HSK!

It was with a trip down to Småland and Tingsryd when this year's Swedish championship was to be decided in 2021. A squad of 10 men would try to defend Balder's colors (without their club champions Fredrik, Ning and Roger) and show that in a short time we have not just become Sweden's biggest club but also that we can challenge for the gold.

Team Balders HSK in Swedish Horseshoe Championships

The pre-talk was very much about Jean Fredriksson Väre, the new superstar in Balders who showed enormous potential in training. But whether he was ready to put the big players under pressure during competition was still too much unconfirmed (although our early scouting report confirmed it for us). However, Jean already went out on Saturday unafraid like a warlord and took home the gold in class 4 without apology! Something he would repeat on Sunday and take bronze in mixed together with his fantastic wife and pitcher Jarita - what a couple! Overall, across all classes in the Men's Class, Jean finished 3rd in his debut, mighty - what a guy !!

Bronze medalist Jarita and Jean Fredriksson Väre

With only one player in class 3 (out of 4 classes), Pascal Letter managed to give Kristian Jältsäter (both debutants in class 3) a thrilling battle into the final. After a lead after 5 rounds, a "real" boom (5 missed shoes) suddenly came in round 6, which gave Kristian a slight advantage, who, however, slowly saw his lead eaten up by the presidential colleague in Stockholm. The pressure becomes increasingly clear when strong Kristian only threw 14p in the last round, everything was now in Pascal's fate, 20 points were enough for victory ... But no one went unaffected - 17 points by Pascal in the last round and missed gold medal with 3 points was a fact! But no one was happier than Pascal when his good friend Kristian with a big horseshoe heart won the gold - the silver still shone all the way home to Stockholm :)

Gold and Silver medalist in class 3 Kristian Jältsäter and Pascal Letter

Extremely nice and brave efforts were also noted by Janne Pettersson (5th in class 4), Jonny Åberg (6th in class 4) and of course Jarita Fredriksson Väre but also Malin Löwberg who constantly shines with her warmth! We also thank Martin Smeds who was shocking an entire horseshoe world when he was 3rd in class 4 after 3 rounds!;) And Christoffer Lovén who in a short time has shown that he will be a stable card to have for the club in the future :)

Of course, we also want to congratulate all the other winners at the Swedish Championships:

Tobias Gneupel, Kent Sundahl, Sandor Bodi, Yamonlada Damnoenng, Saga Karlberg, Sandra Widlund, Elin Olsson and Kristian Jältsäter.

Mr Balders HSK and Swedish Champion 2021, Jean Fredriksson Väre

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