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A bubbling Kristianopel offered drama, community and success at the Swedish Championships 2022!

The championship began on Friday when people came to Blekinge and Kristianopel to watch "Sweden Masters", a competition where last year's best throwers make up for the prestige. There among them we had our very own big star Jean fredriksson Väre.

Jean Fredriksson Väre & Kristian Jältsäter at Sweden Masters

When only two pitchers remained in the battle for the title, however, it stood between the "new" and inexperienced against the "old" and experienced. The new one, Kristian Jältsäter from Vaxholm HSK, who recently showed that he has matured into a pitcher of absolute top class, was constantly pushing the older champion Kent Sundahl. A great drama that developed into even greater drama when Kristian with the last shoe in hand misses the stick and leaves a small opening for Kent who at that very moment seemed to lose. When only one shoe remains of the competition, it is Kent Sundahl, last of all to step forward to throw ... the numbers say that a 20a is required for Kent ... the audience is silent ... BANG! Its a RINGER! Kent Sundahl manages to score 20 points in one of the most pressured situations of his career and takes home the 2022 Sweden Masters with 2 points, 465p against 463! As we always say "to the last throw". Thank you Kristian and Thank you Kent for the entertainment!

Kent Sundahl, winner of Sweden Masters 2022

On Saturday, it was time for singles and team play. New for this year we had with us in Balder's HSK Torgny Rågfeldt with Mrs. Malena. What a win it was when Torgny went all the way in class 4 with an impressive throw and won the gold - WOW! And Jonny Åberg spread just as much joy throughout the club and the whole of horseshoe Sweden when he managed to win his first Swedish Championship medal, a silver!

When then Jean Väre Fredriksson had a heavier day in class 3, Pascal Letter stepped forward and took the silver.

Jonny Åberg (Silver), Pascal Letter (Silver) and Torgny Rågfeldt (Gold)

In teams, Balders lined up with 3 balanced teams, selected by Captain Jean. Unexpected was when Balders 1 with Pascal, Jonny, Torgny and Malira "Ning" Erksson after round 7 led the whole competition, but with only 1 point. After 10 rounds, however, it turned out that we lost the lead and lost the bronze by a small margin. But still what a wonderful fight!

Malira "Ning" Eriksson - Next years SM medalist;) (4th this year)

Sunday's game was about doubles, mixed and classes. Revanch was pronounced from our fixed star and that was exactly what happened when Jean Fredrisksson Väre finally got the pitching in order and won class 3! Jonny Åberg in Class 4, managed again to surprise by winning a new silver - fantastic! Balder's HSK result over the weekend was 2 gold and 3 silver. continued good sign of quality and development in the club. By the way, Torgny and Jonny became 7th and 8th SM medalists in the club. For next year, we predict that Malira "Ning" Erksson will also be our 9th! :)

Jean Fredriksson Väre (Gold class 3) Jonny Åberg (Silver class 4)

This year, the Swedish Championships tried out several entertainment competitions that were won by different pitchers, a fun step in developing the competition and the entertainment even more.

Big thanks to the organizers, we say from Balder's HSK, thank you to the association, congratulations to all winners and losers - see you next year!

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