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Get the rules for Horseshoe pitching

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

It isn´t to hard to get it, but it is hard to do it!

So time to introduce the rule guide of horseshoe pitching. To clarify, the rules below consider track horseshoe pitching. Track horseshoe pitching requires a mat to land on while the American style of horseshoe pitching, has heavier shoes, longer distances and lands in a clay pit.

The pitch

The dimensions of the course should be:

Length 10 meters. Width 3 meters.

The carpet should be 2 × 2 meters.

The pitching area should be fenced so that the throwers do not

The pitching area should be fenced so that the throwers do not disrupted.

For indoor competitions, foam rubber mat is used, as a basis. It should be about 1.5 cm thick.

Free height should be at least 2.40 meters.

The stick must be of iron and have a diameter of 2 cm.

The height should be 35 cm above the carpet.

Indoors should the stick to the plate be 40 cm and 2-3 mm thick.

Outdoors, the stick should be dropped 40-50 cm into the ground, so

it does not begin to move. It should also be light, too not to blend in with carpet and edges.

The fence should be 20-30 cm high. Indoors can be good with a higher edge so that the shoes will not fall outside the track.

Gee... this sound like serious stuff! But how hard can it be?

20 points. No need to touch the stick!

7 points if it touched the stick, otherwise zero points.

Well got damn! This is hard!

The horseshoe

Must be approved by the union and weigh between 470 and 500 gr.


Up to and including 12 years throws from 5 meters (minors).

13 years up to and including 18 years throw from 6 meters (junior).

19 years and up throws from 6 meters (senior).

Scoring You get 20 points if the shoe wraps around the stick, or hanging on the stick. Horseshoe is counted as around the stick if you can hold a ruler between both the tips of the horseshoe.

You get 7 points if the shoe hits the stick and settles in the innermost box.

You get 3 points if the shoe hits the stick and settles on the line or in the outermost box.

You get 0 points if the shoe hits the coffin, ends up off the mat, or land before the mat.

The horseshoes end up on some line, then the lower score is counted. See figure

Is not the thrower in place within 1 minute, there will be 0 points in that round.

Competition Section

Each participant throws 5 shoes per round.

A series consists of 5 rounds.

After each shoe thrown, the score is calculated.

Then the shoe is picked up by the picker.

A contest usually consists of 2 series.

At equal results, the match is decided from 7 meters.

You throw 5 shoes each.

This is also applies during team competition.

Good luck!

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